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Shinhwa: Legend of Apgujung (part 1)

Dongwan: H.O.T was famous for maintaining their image and personal lives. We were always compared to them and got scolded a lot.

Seunggi: What about Shinhwa that was so different from H.O.T?

Hodong: Shinhwa was really famous as the most commonly seen celebrity in Apgujung.

Youngchul: It’s true, it’s true! I’d always see either Junjin or Andy.

Seunggi: They’re really the legend (Shinhwa) of Apgujung.

Shinhwa: Legend of Apgujung (part 2)

Heejun: We (H.O.T) once sneaked out in the middle of the night. We went out drinking, but then we heard Junjin was sitting in the next room. So we moved to a bar in Apgujeong, but then we saw Hyesung and Lee Jihoon sitting in a corner. So we moved again to a different place faraway, but Dongwan was there drinking soju at a chicken shop after his workout. At around 2-4am…

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